Our Process

At Cedarwood Surgical, we have a honed process for getting your facility up and running as quickly as possible...

Let Cedarwood Surgical Outfit Your Surgical Facility with Ancillary Equipment

When you choose Cedarwood Surgical, you will be working with an experienced team of knowledgeable professionals. We know how to customize the right package of new and used surgical equipment for your specific needs. Here’s how our process works.

1. Discuss Your Specific Needs

We start by figuring out what you really need. Our goal isn’t to sell you the most expensive piece of equipment, but to help you find the right equipment to fulfill your requirements. We work closely with you to ensure the package of medical equipment and supplies we put together will fit both your specific requirements and your budget.

2. Provide a Quote

After discussing your needs and your budget, our team goes to work. We will create the perfect package for you and provide a full quote for the equipment and supplies.

3. Place the Order

Once you accept the quote, we will place the order for all of your equipment and supplies. Our team will ensure it arrives on site when you are ready for it.

4. Unload, Assemble, Install and Service

We don’t just sell you equipment. At Cedarwood Surgical, we are there to help unload, unbox, uncrate, assemble, install and service your new equipment. When it arrives, our team will help get it ready for use inside your surgical facility.

5. Provide Support

Our team will also provide you with the support you need after your center opens. If an issue arises, we are ready to help solve the problem.

When you choose Cedarwood Surgical, you get a team of dedicated professionals ready to save you both time and money. We want the process of getting the right medical equipment and supplies to be stress-free. Our team will work with multiple vendors for you and ensure you receive the right equipment, on time and installed properly.