Biodex Surgical C-Arm Table 840

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The Surgical C-Arm Table 840 provides a design perfect for image-guided fluoroscopic procedures when vibration-free, precise, stability, access and quiet are necessary. The cantilevered low attenuation carbon fiber tabletop provides a choice of rectangular or contoured design and accommodates ceiling suspended or portable C-arms.

Plenty of work space is provided by the contoured top for anesthesiologist and the narrowness meets the requirements for cervical procedures. With the rectangular top, additional space is provided for even better image quality for long-leg runoff studies. Choose the best top for your specific needs and achieve optimum image resolution.

The Surgical C-Arm Table 840 is perfect for cardiovascular procedures due to the extra-large radiolucent area, motorized control of height, lateral roll, Trendelenburg motions, free-float X-Y tabletop and catheter tray extensions. Full fluoroscopic visualization can be achieved since the radiolucent area doesn’t contain any cross members and there is an unobstructed C-arm positioning. The functional design of this table provides reduced radiation exposure for clinicians and complete access. It comes with a two-inch thick padding and adjustable straps to ensure patient comfort throughout the procedure. The contoured design even features a face cutout for prone positioning.

Control Made Easy
The controllers provide a portable hand-held and foot operation design for safe and fast tabletop positioning. The tabletop can be positioned from any point around the table, as well. Both controllers provide the ability to adjust height, Trendelenburg motions and lateral roll. The back to level function is found on the hand-held controller, while the foot-operated controller provides the ability to release the tabletop for X-Y positioning. This is ideal for adjustments when your hands are busy doing other things.

Free-float Feature
The free-float feature can be activated with just the push of a button found at the end of the handgrip. This feature allows for any degree of roll or tilt and the X-Y positions becomes locked to prevent any gravity-induced X-Y motion. Head-to-toe float may be maintained during lateral roll, while selective lockout of X-Y movement can also be deployed and side-to-side float can be maintained when using Trendelenburg positioning.

Battery power and AC power come standard. With the battery power, there will be no annoying power cords getting in the way of your feet or blocking the wheels. During off hours, you can easily charge the battery with a plug-in AC power cord. An optional battery with a separate charging unit is also available for continued cordless operation.

Stable, Accessible, Precise, Quiet, and Vibration-Free Positioning!

  • Choice of rectangular or classic contoured design
  • Low attenuation carbon fiber tabletop
  • Contoured design comes with a face cutout for prone positioning
  • Quick tabletop positioning provided from the high-speed actuators
  • Ability to adjust height, lateral roll and Trendelenburg motions
  • Comes with foot and hand-operated controls
  • Low profile base provides increased C-Arm clearance
  • Free-Float X-Y tabletop
  • Up to a 500-pound patient capacity
  • Battery and AC power come standard
  • Accessory rails provided

Quick, safe control.

Freedom to make adjustments to the height, lateral roll and Trendelenburg motions are provided through the portable hand-held and foot controllers. The foot controller allows for the release of the tabletop into X-Y positioning, along with a hand-free mode of adjustment. The hand-held controller allows for push-button release and the free-float features, while hanging on the accessory rail when not in use.
When free-float mode is employed, any degree of tilt or roll may be achieved. In addition, the X and Y positions will be locked to keep gravity-induced X or Y motion out of the equation. X or Y movement may also be selectively locked out with head-to-toe float maintained during lateral roll and side-to-side float maintained during Trendelenburg positioning.

Choice of Tabletop Design

Rectangular Tabletop

The rectangular design provides additional space for higher image quality during long-leg runoff studies.

Contoured Tabletop

The Contoured design provides full accommodations for C-Arm positioning for the best possible access to the cervical spine and optimum image resolution. This design also provides added workspace at the head end, while providing the necessary narrowness for cervical procedures. It comes with a cutout for easy prone positioning.


  • Tabletop: 101″ l x 24″ w (252 x 61 cm) – choice of classic contoured or rectangular design
  • Catheter Tray Extension (removable): 18″ l x 24″ w (45.7 x 61 cm) non-radiolucent
  • Radiolucent Area:
    – 51″ l x 24″ w (128 x 61 cm) unobstructed head to accessory rail
    – 20″ l x 17.5″ w (50.8 x 44 cm) additional, between accessory rails
  • Radiolucent Area, Total Length: 71″ l (178 cm)
  • Tabletop Material: Carbon fiber with integral head section
  • Mattress: Seamless, 2″ thick (5 cm)
  • Attenuation:
    – Tabletop: .7 mm Aluminum equivalence
    – Mattress: .5 mm Aluminum equivalence
  • Motions:
    – Height Adjustable: 33.5″ to 43.5″ (84 to 109 cm)
    – Tabletop X Motion (head-to-toe float): 20″ (51 cm)
    – Tabletop Y Motion (side-to-side float): 10″ (25.4 cm)
    – Trendelenburg: 0° to 20°
    – Reverse Trendelenburg: 0° to 20°
    – Lateral Roll: 0° to 20°
  • Controls:
    – Hand Control: height, lateral roll and Trendelenburg motions
    – Foot Control: activates all motions (has release for float)
    – Push Button: releases X-Y Tabletop motions
  • Wheels:
    – Head End – 3″ (7.62 cm) swivel casters, integral locking system on base
    – Foot End – 5″ (12.7 cm) swivel casters with central locking
  • Accessory Rails: Standard OR accessory rails 49.5″ x 1.12″ x .375″ (124 x 2.86 x .95 cm) mounted near foot end of table
  • Patient Restraints: Three body straps
  • Finish: Powder coat
  • Shipping Weight: 930 lb (421.8 kg)
  • Patient Capacity: 500 lb (227 kg); weight tested to four times the patient load rating.
  • Lift Capacity: May vary between 460 lb – 500 lb (209 – 227 kg) based on line voltage
  • Power: 115 VAC or 230 VAC and battery. Battery automatically charges when table is plugged in. An additional battery can be charged with optional wall-mounted charger.
  • Standard Accessory:
    – Catheter Tray Extension (removable)
  • Certifications: ETL and cETL Listed to UL 60601-1®, CAN/CSA© C22.2 No.: 601.1-M90, EN 60601-1 and IEC 60601-1-2:2001-09
  • Warranty: Two years parts and labor


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