Mindray Passport 12 Patient Monitor

Features & Benefits

Offering a modular approach to the traditional multi-parameter monitor, the Passport 12 inspires efficiency. It can be used in nearly any clinical environment and offers a plug-and-play structure for advanced monitoring functions, such as cardiac output, CO2, two additional pressures or all three. With the Passport 12, you gain a very powerful, yet compact OR monitoring tool. With the available multi-gas module, the Passport 12 automatically measures the inspired and expired values of CO2, O2, N2O and five anesthetic agents.

Not only does the Passport 12 offer excellent OR monitoring capabilities, but it includes integration with HL7 and DIAP communication protocols. IT can even be integrated with wireless and wired network capabilities, which allows for connection to a Panorama Patient Monitoring System and DPM Central Station to provide a more centralized patient data system.

The optional features and enhanced capabilities allow the Passport 12 to provide just what you need for acute-care monitoring.

Key Features

  • Includes 3 or 5-lead ECG, respiration, temperatures, Masimo SET SpO2, 2 IBP, NIBP, integrated recorder
  • Comes with up to 8 waveforms
  • Large 12-inch high-resolution touchscreen display
  • Available arrhythmia and ST analysis
  • Provides complete data storage abilities for alarms, events, trend data, NIBP measurements and up to a full 48 hours of full disclosure
  • May be connected to Panorama Patient Monitoring Network or DPM Central Station
  • Synchronized defibrillator
  • Integrated DIAP and HL7 protocol interfaces
  • Works with Mindray eGateway to provide direct HL7 communication to EMR
  • Optional OxiMax, Nellcor SpO2
  • Additional module parameter options include:
    – Sidestream CO2
    – 2 IBP
    – 2 IBP + CO
    – 2 IBP + CO + Sidestream CO2 or Microstream CO2
    – Multi-gas + 2 IBP + CO
    – Multiple mounting options and ergonomic carrying handle for incredible mobility.

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When you purchase the Passport 12 from Mindray, you gain access to comprehensive clinical training from Mindray specialists. Technical remote support is also provided at no charge, 24/7.

Our dedicated team of field service agents and in-house technical support team provide one of the largest support networks in the industry. Every team member is fully dedicated to enhanced patient care and protecting your investment.