Mindray Passport 8 Patient Monitor

Providing enhanced efficiency and ingenuity, the Passport 8 works for many different levels of patient care. It comes standard with a large 8-nch touchscreen with easy touch function keys and the necessary parameters to meet your clinical needs, such as 3 or 5-lead ECG, NIBP, temperature, SpO2 and respiration. The Passport 8 also includes a plug-and-play modular structure with more advanced monitoring, such as CO2, cardiac output, 2-channel IBP or a combination of the three.

Integrated HL7 and DIAP communication protocols set the Passport 8 apart. Both wireless and wired network capabilities also provide better connectivity to the DPM Central Station and Panorama Patient Monitoring System. This allows for a continuous flow of patient data and easy sharing when necessary.

The Passport 8 provides an efficient and flexible monitoring solution at an affordable price.


  • Optional OxiMax, Nellcor and SpO2
  • 8-inch high resolution touchscreen
  • Includes 3 or 5-lead ECG, NIBP, temperature, Masimo SET, integrated recorder and respiration
  • Additional options include:
    – 2 IBP + CO + Sidestream CO2 or Microstream CO2
    – 2 IBP + CO
    – 2 IBP
    – Sidestream CO2
  • DPM Central Station connectivity
  • Panorama Patient Monitoring Network connectivity
  • Integrated DIAP and HL7 protocol interfaces
  • Wireless 2.4 Ghz available
  • Extensive data storage holds alarms, NIBP measurements, trend data and events with full disclosure up to 48 hours
  • Multiple mounting options and additional mobility from the ergonomic handle
  • Works with the Mindray eGateway for HL7 communication to EMR
  • Defibrillator synchronization

Excellent Support and Service

Mindray provides comprehensive training from a specialist, along with technical support 24/7 at no additional cost.

The field service team from Mindray, along with the in-house technical support team provides one of the largest direct service teams in the entire industry. They are committed to protecting your investment and providing better patient care.