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Statim G4

Speed and Dependability

STATIM is the best autoclave in the world due to the incredible speed and dependability. The gentle patent pending technology makes STATIM a global favorite.

Unchanged Reliability

Incredible Reliability

Dental practitioners from all over the world use STATIM to help protect their staff and patients from infection. Sterilizing instruments in just minutes has never been easier.

The STATIM Difference

The STATIM Difference

Since STATIM only uses a small amount of water for each cycle, it works much faster than a conventional autoclave, which needs to heat the full reservoir of water.


Touch. Connect. Protect. Collect.

The high-resolution touch screen provides incredible clarity with 65K color and a vivid message display.


No other autoclave compares to the speed provided by STATIM. It’s the world’s best and fastest autoclave trusted by Dental practitioners in more than 90 countries.


The interactive LCD touch screen control makes the STATIM G4 the top autoclave. Its’ design provides an incredibly user-friendly autoclave with live networking capability to put the user in full control.


Doctors Across the Globe Trust STATIM

Healthcare practitioners all across the globe trust STATIM to protect both staff and patients. STATIM provides sterilized instruments in just a few minutes, adding to the protection.

The first compact sterilization unit was designed and developed in 1989 by SciCan. This compact sterilization unit changed the way healthcare was handled. Today, STATIM provides a superior autoclave with better cycle times and processes for unwrapped and wrapped cycles.

The STATIM Cassette Autoclave provides sterilization up to 10 times faster than any traditional “chamber style” unit. With the proprietary positive pressure pulse displacement technology, the STATIM Autoclave gives dentists the large supply of sterile instruments they require.

STATIM’s Speed

Instruments and hand pieces can be sterilized in as little as just 8 minutes with the STATIM autoclave. This reduces the number of instruments any practitioner needs, since instruments can be processed in between patients.

Incredible Efficiency

With the ability to sterilize instruments quickly, instrument bottlenecks are eliminated making the entire process more efficient.

Gentle Technology

The state-of-the-art steam technology used to sterilize instruments is gentle on both hollow and solid instruments.

The STATIM Difference

Immediate Steam Generation

STATIM doesn’t need to heat an entire reservoir of water like most conventional autoclave. Instead, it uses a small and specific amount of water for each cycle. The water is introduced into the steam generator, which rapidly heats the water and converts it into usable steam in just a few seconds.

Through the use of a patented steam injection process and PPPD technology, air will be forced out of the sterilization chamber automatically.

Cassette System

The cassette system or sterilization chamber is made of thin stainless steel walls and it’s fully removable. This allows for very fast heating and cooling of the chamber. Due to the design, STATIM not only meets the sterilization conditions, but also allows for drying much faster than using a conventional autoclave.

The STATIM 2000 and 5000 both feature rapid sterilization and rapid drying through STATIM Dri-Tec drying technology. They both provide a complete solution for instrument sterilization.



The 3.5″ high-resolution touchscreen makes it easy to use a STATIM autoclave. It displays vivid messages with customizable colors and current cycle information. The contract levels are fully adjustable allowing you to optimize the screen to fit your specific lighting.


The networked portal allows you to view current operations and access cycle history. You have the ability to point and validate information, along with printing a sterilization record. The STATIM autoclaves can send emails with cycle information errors to your dealer, which allows a qualified technician to know when service is necessary.


Protecting patients means paying attention to every detail. The STATIM G4 provides verifiable processes with PIN protection and user-defined ID for individual staff members. This provides a safer environment for patients and staff.


Any undocumented sterilization cycle is a waste of time. Each cycle must be stored to ensure you gain full protection for your office and your patients. STATIM autoclaves use an integrated DataLogger to store cycle information for the entire lifetime of the unit. The information can be accessed through a USB pour, Ethernet connection or a RS232 port for printing.

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